How to drive high targeted traffic with forum posting? Manual method!

Getting highly targeted traffic to your site is really important as this traffic will be interested in your content or your product that you are selling. There are many different methods on how to bring targeted traffic, in this post I will get into method called “Forum Posting”.

How to find niche related forums?

Let’s start with searching targeted traffic sources in this case are forums or communities that are authority in your niche and are getting high traffic every day. In this example I will use my site that’s in motorcycle niche, so our basic keyword is Motorcycle.

Method #1

The best online resource for communities with large traffic is Alexa. Go to, navigate to Top Sites and then select By Category. You will see that there are many categories to choose from, for my example (Motorcycle) I have selected Recreation>Motorcycles>Chats and Forums. Now you should see a list of forums and chats with heavy traffic that are interested in your niche (Motorcycles).

Method #2

If you want more forums regarding your niche then you should definitely use Google, largest search engine. Start by searching with this search queries:

  • keyword forum
  • intitle:”keyword” forum
  • intitle:”keyword forum”
  • “keyword” bulletin board
  • “keyword” message board
  • intitle:”keyword” message board
  • intitle:”keyword” bulletin board

Method #3

Fastest method for finding related niche forums is TheForumFinder, type in your niche keyword and you will find many different forums that you can join and post your website. It is the fastest method but not the best.

I recommend using all three methods.

Select the best forums out of many!

For my niche keyword I was able to find more than 300 niche related forums in just few minutes. I have copied all the links in to Notepad++ and save them. Registering to 300 forums and then posting to them is very time-consuming, so I have selected just the best forums with the highest pagerank and with large number of backlinks. To check pagerank and number of backlinks I have used free bulk pagerank checker from ( Comli bulk pagerank checker is easy to use and it’s really fast. For my niche I have selected only 20 forums to post on.

How to speed-up registration process?

Have you ever tried to register to more than few forums? Well if you have than you should know that filling the same data over and over again is a real pain in the ass. I recommend you to use browser plugins like RoboForm, to store your form data and just paste it where you want to. Download RoboForm here:

Engage with community and send them to your website!

Well you have done the hard work already. By now you should find a lot of niche related forums, select just high pagerank forums with large number of backlinks and register on them. The next task to do is to fill your website info in signature or in your forum profile and start posting relevant content. After you have posted more than 20-30 posts you should open new thread, share something useful and invite them to your website.

In my example, I have posted a tutorial on how to change some parts in Honda motorcycle, and invite them to check more similar content on my website. The best thing in forum posting is, that you do not get just highly targeted traffic but also you build some very valued backlinks that will push your site up the rankings in Google and Bing.

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