Easy Keyword Research Guide That Anyone Can Do

Are you struggling with keyword research? Every beginner in internet marketing business have problems with the very first step of creating a successful niche website. Heck, even some experienced webmasters do not know how to find great keywords that are easy to rank.

This first step is called keyword research and in my opinion it is the most important step of all. I have decided to share my step by step tutorial on finding great low competition keywords that are profitable and easy to rank if you know how to do a basic link building.

In the second part I will reveal how easy you can find keyword with very low competition that have really high conversion rate.

Part I : Low Competition Keyword Research

Looking for a main theme

Before I start digging into keyword research I first find myself a main theme in which I’ll find a niche that I like and has some great keywords to rank for.  To gather ideas I like to use Amazon.com, because it is a huge website and has a numerous themes to choose from.

  • Go to Amazon.com
  • Choose a category or sub-category
  • Copy an URL of this category to clipboard

In this guide I have chosen Patio ,Lawn & Garden – Grills & Outdoor Cooking.
The URL is : http://www.amazon.com/Grills-Fryers-Outdoor-Cooking-Living/b?ie=UTF8&node=553760

Adwords Keyword Planner

Most expensive SEO Tools on the market use Adwords Keyword Planner API to find keywords, so I do not use any of them but only a free tool – Adwords Keyword Planner.

As you can see on image below I have pasted my URL to Amazon subcategory into landing page box. I also check some of the filters that are important for finding great keywords.

  • Go to Adwords Keyword Planner
  • In to Landing page box paste your Amazon Category URL
  • Check English language
  • Set up filter to find only keywords with more than 1000 exact searches per month
  • Check HIGH competition
  • Click Get Ideas and go to Keyword Ideas tab.

This high competition is NOT a seo competition, but it tells you if there are any companies that bid on this keyword. So more competition almost always means that CPC will not be bad and there are going to be a lot of different ads in Adsense.

Keyword Planner Landing Page Search – Click on image to see full size

Keyword Planner Landing Page Search – Click on image to see full size

Choose your niche

In this step we will choose our niche. You will see a bunch of keywords in Keyword Ideas tab which have more than 1000 exact searches per month and a lot of Adwords competition.

I want niche that has high CPC so I sort keywords by CPC. The next step is a bit tricky as maybe you will have to do ti many times – I select a keyword that in my opinion is good and that I can write a lot of articles on this niche.

  • Go to Keyword Ideas tab
  • Sort keywords by high CPC
  • Select a keyword that you like and you think you can write a lot of articles
  • Click Modify Search and delete the Amazon Category URL
  • In the first box paste in your selected keyword
  • Click Get Ideas

In this guide I have chosen “outdoor electric grill”.

Keyword Planner Modify Search – Click on image to see full size.

Keyword Planner Modify Search – Click on image to see full size.

Keywords selection

OK so by going to Keyword Ideas tab I now can see a lot of keywords that are related to my previous selected keyword and have a lot advertisers. Choose some keywords that you like and have a high CPC.

In this guide I have selected: built in gas grills (5,98$ CPC), outdoor kitchen island (1,70$ CPC), american outdoor grill (1,51$ CPC) – all of them have around 1500 exact searches per month.

Let’s find out SEO competition for these keywords.

SEO competition

Last month I have stumbled upon a free SEO tool called Keyword Revealer that is great for checking SEO competition. (Hint: You can also use Market Samurai – great tool that also have free trial).

You need to register on Keyword Revealer to use it (It’s free). Go to Keyword Tool tab and click Import keywords, then just paste in your keywords and click submit, you will now see a list of keywords with monthly searches. For each of them you need to click SCORE and you will see first page of Google and a graphical display of competition.

  • Go to KeywordRevealer.com and register a free account
  • Sign in and go to Keyword Tool tab
  • Click Import Keywords and paste in your selected keywords
  • Click SCORE for each of them
Keyword Revealer Import Keywords – Click on image to see full size.

Keyword Revealer Import Keywords – Click on image to see full size.


Keyword Revealer keywords list – Click on image to see full size.

Keyword Revealer keywords list – Click on image to see full size.


Keyword Revealer SEO competition - Click on image to see full size.

Keyword Revealer SEO competition – Click on image to see full size.


Part II : Finding Buyer Keyword

Finding low competition keywords is important but you will also need to rank on some so-called buyer keywords which can make a nice sum of money if you rank on them. Did you ever ask yourself how some online marketers earn so much money without getting large volumes of traffic to their websites?

Well, few months ago I read some great books about online customers philosophy that completely change my thinking about ranking keywords. After that I started to learn and test some of the methods that I put together while I was building a website for one of my clients which is selling camping gear online.

Before I give you the complete list of so-called “buyer keywords” I want to show you the process so you can easily implant that philosophy in other fields of online marketing.

The Story

There is a story of a man named John, who is a worker in the local factory and would like to take his family on a great and fun camping trip. He needs to buy camping gear, tent and all other things that are used on camping. The first thing that he’ll do is to turn on the computer, open Firefox and go on the only website that he knows for ages – on Google, the best and most used search engine.

Ok, so he wants to know more about tents and different camping gear. Remember he is not in a “buying process” yet!  The first few searches that he will make are something like:

  • camping gear
  • tents
  • camping tents
  • camping equipment

and so on. But after few searches he will know more about which camping gear is good or what kind of tent he wants to buy.
The next keywords that he’ll type in, are going to be more detailed, some examples like:

  • best camping gear
  • outwell tent review
  • compare camping tents
  • buy tents
  • inexpensive camping equipment

Do you see the big difference?

On these keywords you need to rank high as they have less competition in Google and are also more “buyer” keywords. They are a lot easier to rank and will get much better conversion ratio than upper keywords.

One of the best keywords are model numbers and brand names, if there are possible for your niche. Now start with the “buyer process” yourself and find your best keywords that will make you money.

Here are some examples of keywords that are known to be “buyer keywords”:

  • low cost
  • purchase
  • review
  • best
  • cheap
  • bargain
  • inexpensive
  • low priced
  • compare
  • buy

I hope this guide has been easy to understand and I’ll promise you that you can find really good keywords so start now! Stay tuned for more guides and tutorials and subscribe to my email list.

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