3 Techniques To Get Backlinks from Authority sites

Authority sites are getting even more authority from Google, so It’s a must to receive some links from those kind of sites. In this post I will show you 3 different techniques to get backlinks from so-called authority sites like Imdb, eBay and others. Those backlinks will not get you first page rankings, but are good for anchor&link diversity and also to gain some link trust and look trustworthy from Google perspective. Techniques are absolutely free and you can do it whenever you want as there are not saturated.

Nofollow links from IMDB.com

I’m sure that you are familiar with IMDB.com – the internet movie database that was online when some of you were born. You can get a great link, which is no-follow but all links are good if they are from authority site. All you have to do is to follow some simple steps:

  1. Register and login to Imdb.com
  2. Write and post a review of your favourite movie on your blog or website
  3. Go to Imdb.com and find the movie you did review on your website
  4. Click on critics link (image below) and then in the right corner select edit
  5. Follow the steps and submit your backlink to movie review
Imdb No-follow backlink

Imdb No-follow backlink

Forum links – the smiley way

I have written already how to drive traffic to your website via forum posting, but you can use this post to find relevant niche forums and gain some backlinks without anyone noticing that you are linking to your website. You will not receive traffic, but can build really good niche relevant links, just follow this steps:

  1. Find forums related to your niche, you can follow methods from my post here.
  2. Register and post some content so you do not look suspicious.
  3. Reply to a thread that is super relevant to your niche, add in an emoticon with a link to your website.
  4. Now you have relevant backlink from authority forum in your niche without being deleted.

Good Old Profile Links

In the past getting profile links from authority sites was really helpful as just some good profile links and your site went to first page in few weeks, but as SEO has change that is not the case anymore. But I still recommend to build 10-20 profile links from authority websites that are somehow connected to your niche, but you need to follow some guidelines so your link will not look so spammy, as many are using automated tools to create spammy profile links that are useless:

  1. Create a profile with a real name or make up some names that look legitimate.
  2. Fill profile with real looking information.
  3. Be active on that authority website, it doesn’t matter if it is posting, or liking just be active for some time.
  4. After few weeks or months add your link to created profile.

After getting all the links It is good to ping them using websites that allow that. I recommend the free pinging websites like PingFarm or PingBomb. I know some of you will say that pinging is not worthy, but it can’t hurt and above all it is free.



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